BY NATE BEK on January 30, 2023 at 7:29 am

LifeAt Spaces employees, from left: Devin Ajimine, Ashika Mulagada, Pouya Rad and Marisa Chentakul. (LifeAt Spaces Photo)

After more than a year of remote work, Devin Ajimine and his friends could not find a productivity tool that would help them stay focused.

So they decided to build one themselves over a weekend.

“We threw it up on TikTok, then it went viral multiple times,” said the 25-year-old Seattle entrepreneur and Hawaii native.

The tool they showcased, called LifeAt Spaces, was seen and shared millions of times on various social media platforms. Viewers were instantly drawn to the concept: Consolidating and organizing a set of productivity tools onto a single platform, letting users create their own digital office from a browser or desktop app.

Ajimine said the goal is to eliminate cluttered desktops. That thesis struck a chord: the app has been downloaded more than a million times.

LifeAt graduated from top startup accelerator Y Combinator last summer, helping convert a weekend project into a full-fledged company.

The startup has drawn attention from some notable investors, including a venture arm of Facebook parent Meta. Myspace co-founder Aber Whitcomb is also a backer, in addition to YC, Pioneer Square Labs, the venture arm of Line parent Z Holdings, Pack Ventures, Goodwater, SV Tech, and Pioneer Fund.

As an early-stage consumer startup led by young entrepreneurs, LifeAt is a…

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