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Image credits: not8

Amsterdam-based not8, a B2B startup that aims to standardise the product development review process, announced on Thursday that it has raised an undisclosed investment from Antler.

The Dutch startup says it intends to deploy the funds on product development and accelerate business development and growth efforts. Not8 also announced that it plans to raise pre-seed funding during the summer of 2023. 

The Dutch company is addressing one of the main issues plaguing tech companies that primarily focus on PLG (Product-led growth) – Product feedback.

To achieve product-led growth, the product team needs to review a product often, and this process needs to be fixed, claims not8. 

Product managers, web designers, front-end developers, and QA’s waste tens of hours per week making unnecessary calls, marking screenshots, and sending long-written explanations on needed fixes.

Here’s where not8 jumps in to …

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